• Online Shop is for Everybody
    e-Commerce Industry has been trusted into the spotlight of retailing world
    Advertising and Promoting your Products through Cyber Space
    Our Generation has is the accessibility of the Internet
    Most Business Processes take place online
    Companies now have the option to distribute their products through online
    Business Online
  • Why Selling Online?
    Increasing Users & Market
    Local, Regional or Global Market
    Increase Income Stream
    Small Initial Cost
    Easy to Setup
    Easy to Scale
    24x7 Sale Front
    Business Online
  • Moving Your Brand Online?
    Additional Distribution Channel
    Increase Awareness for Your Products
    Increasing Users & Market
    Increase Sales & Revenue
    Increase Foot Traffic to Your Store
    Direct ROI on Brand Marketing
    TG Focus Approach
    Business Online
  • How BIZO will help to get your Business Online?
    WEB Presence - Storefront
    Multi-Channel Platform – WEB, Mobile, Social, In-Store, Trade-Store
    Payment Gateway Integration
    Logistic Gateway Integration – Domestic & International
    SEO Enabled
    24x7 Business Operation & Store Management
    Business Online

Open the Shutter. Beat the Clutter. Do Business Better.
BIZO will empower your all ‘BUSINESS ONLINE’ needs with it’s tools based on 4 major elements

Display What You Sell

  • Web Presence
  • Online Store
  • Aesthetic Storefront
  • Mobile Ready
  • Digital Store

Reach Out Your Buyer & Tell

  • Campaigns
  • SEO Enabled
  • SMS Integration
  • Social Media
  • Marketplace
  • Deals & Discount

Know Your Buyer Well

  • Feedbacks
  • Survey
  • Notification
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Web Analytics

Earn More – Increase Sell

  • Follow your Customer
  • Reach your prospective customers
  • Easy Checkout Process
  • Multi Payment Gateway
  • Multi Logistics assistance

Origin of BIZO
The concept of BIZO.in evolved from the idea of possibility and the need of doing Business Online & thus being future proof.

Its an age old saying that for a Business to grow you have to be where your Customer is. In the economics of today your customer and market can be anywhere & the future cannot be predicted. That’s precisely why we at BIZO decided to create it.

Go BIZO has a simple Mantra - Sell Here, There - Everywhere.

We at BIZO – know that every product or service that has been invented or manufactured will always have its own market & the key to success will be to reach that market in the most quickest & efficient way.

BIZO will ensure that your product can be sold everywhere…. Surpassing the physical boundaries be it in your Gully, Mohalla, City, State or Country.

We wish to to be a facilitator or an enabler assisting you to sell & market your product & reach the buyer who appreciates it – and ensure an inclusive growth.

With BIZO – you can now Grow & Support your Online Business It’s quite Simple – Storefront up and running in a shortest possible time with BIZO’s end-to-end e-Commerce eco-system. Kickstart your online Business Today !

Create your own Branded storefront with an Aesthatic StoreFront without any Technical Know-How

BIZO storefront - a Gateway to Multiple Salefronts
Sell Anytime, Anywhere , Everywhere


BIZO ensures that yourbusiness.com is up & running in the shortest possible time. With Amazing and aesthetic storefronts & the help of myriad of tools we ensure that your customer enjoys the shopping experience on your Online store. We assist you in promoting your store on all fronts be it media, print or digital.

Awesome Features Advanced
The most awesome features that include everything you need to sell online.

  • Aesthetic Storefronts
    Always dreams of an Aesthetic Shop with an amazing view and design. Look no further, BIZO has it for you...
  • Payments Ready
    BIZO offers widest range of payment options currently available in India for your store. We have done it all,..
  • Powerful Shipping Simplified   
    Yes you can ship anything anywhere & everywhere as long. We have tied up with all the Logistic partners...
  • Sell More, Everywhere
    As a seller, we know how difficult is it to market and sell products in the highly competitive market and just...
  • Mobile Ready
    Statistics say that there are approx. 155 million Mobile internet users and these numbers are growing rapidly...
  • Customization
    BIZO will dedicate a special task force to ensure that your store is live as per your requirements. We will do it all..
  • India Ready
    BIZO is designed for the Indian eCommerce merchant and offers several goodies to help you run your...
  • SMS Integrated
    We are SMS notification ready. All transactions happening on your store will have multi-level notifications for...
More Features >>

We are Announcing Perfect Package for you

  • Low Traffic Up to 10 GB Bandwidth
  • 5000 Products / 5GB Storage
  • Built - IN Seo
  • 1 Admin Login
  • Email / Chat Support
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Standard Reporting
  • Coupons, Discounts & Gift Certificates
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Shipping Quotes
  • - - - -
  • - - - -
  • - - - -
  • Medium Traffic Up to 30 GB Bandwidth
  • 20000 Products / 10GB Storage
  • Built - IN Seo
  • 3 Admin Login
  • Phone / Email / Chat
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Standard Reporting
  • Coupons, Discounts & Gift Certificates
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Real-time Shipping Quotes
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Multi-Channel Sales
  • Abandoned Cart Saver
  • High traffic Up to 50 GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Products / Storage
  • Built - IN Seo
  • 10 Admin Login
  • Priority Support
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Standard Reporting
  • Coupons, Discounts & Gift Certificates
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Real-time Shipping Quotes
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Multi-Channel Sales
  • Abandoned Cart Saver
  • Unlimited Traffic - No Restrictions
  • Unlimited Products / Storage
  • Customised Dedicated SEO
  • Account Manager
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Customised Reporting
  • Coupons, Discounts & Gift Certificates
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Real-time Shipping Quotes
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Multi-Channel Sales
  • Abandoned Cart Saver
  • - - -

Why Choose Us?

  • Adaptable
    In changing market dynamics, you need a solution that is adaptive. BIZO understands this and hence the platform is
  • Expandable
    BIZO platform is designed to grow with you and your Business. Your storefront will be equipped to handle traffic, load without compromising
  • Infinite
    BIZO will assist you in taking your business to new heights with its wide array of features & tools enabling you to grow
    BIZO has been designed to keep you, your online store & the customer safe and secure. The architecture is designed to ensure the reliability

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How do I get Started

What Does BIZO.in do

BIZO is a complete ecommerce solution that facilitates you to have an online presence by setting up a store & sell your own products, services etc. It provides you a ready made tool to exhibit your products, promote them, engage with your customer and sell them.

In a nutshell, it will provide you an entire ecosystem right from setting up an online presence, design it as per your needs and maintain it with zero efforts

Do I need to install anything? Ok. I like it. How do I start selling. I already have domain name – can I use it? I have businesses in other Nationals & Geographies as well. How many languages does BiZO.in support?

I am ready. What next

I don’t have technical background to setup my shop or change my storefront design. How do I know if I get an order? Ok I don’t know how to ship my products, can someone help me ship?

How do I get Payments?

What methods of payment can my customers use?

My account

How much will owning a storefront cost How do I pay? How is the Billing?

The BIG Wave - Ecommerce

We need Citizens, wanna be a Bizoite ?

  • We are looking for Citizen with following Prerequisites
  • You have a Brain that ticks,
  • Full of Idea & Visions that Click,
  • To be here, you go to be really Quick.
  • WeIf you have all the Above Prerequisites

  • BIZO is the place you need to Pick.

Why become a Bizoite

WeWorking in a Growing Company is like running your own business…. You will have no job description, will be responsible for everything – be it product delivery or marketing or sales, may have to put in long hours and it very different from the comforts of a Corporate life…

But here, you have an opportunity to heard, and a crash course in a making the world your playground and a fastrack growth opportunity…for if the company grows, the early Citizens grow faster…

Why become a Bizoite

We believe that the best way to own the Future is to predict it. And we at Bizo.in predict that for the years to come, Online commerce & will be the future in the way a Consumer behaves, buys ,shops, transacts. We intend to be ready, by predicting the future, innovating & implementing the Tomorrow – today.

Immediate Fast Track CitizenShips - Current openings

  • Department: BIZO
  • Division: Software Engineer
  • Type: Full Time
  • Location: Mumbai


  • Design, development and rollout of new features following thorough engineering practices.
  • Write high quality, robust, scalable and extensible code.
  • Participate in code reviews, refactoring sessions and discussions on product architecture.


  • B.E. or BSc or MSc in Computer Science or Information Technology or equivalent experience.
  • 1-2 years of hands-on development experience in .Net.
  • Solid hands on experience with SQL Server 2000-2008.
  • Familiarity with good engineering practices like revision control systems, bug tracking systems, code reviews, code profiling and debugging.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript required, along with experience using a JS framework (we use JQuery).
  • Excellent thinking, problem-solving, analytical, written and oral and communication skills.
  • You have a positive attitude, high intellectual curiosity, and a desire to contribute to the team beyond your current role.
  • Should believe in team work from the bottom of the heart and enjoy working in a team of highly skilled engineers.

Feel free to talk to our online representative at any time you please using our Live Chat system on our website or one of the below instant messaging programs.

Please be patient while waiting for response. (24/7 Support!)
Phone General Inquiries: +91 808080 1112

Contact Form

Address Info

  • BIZO Business Online Private Limited
    Address : #604, Living Essence, Lokhandwala Township, Akruli Road,Kandivali (East) Mumbai-40010
    Telephone: +91 808080 1112
    E-mail: ab@bizo.in
    Website: www.BIZO.in

Find the Address

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We are here to answer any questions or queries you may have with respect to our services. Please feel free to contact our Sales team on


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24/7 - excluding national holidays.


We understand the importance of an immediate support & hence our Support Team is available to resolve any issues you may have – 24 x 7.


+91 808080 1112




24/7 - excluding national holidays.


Need more information on Billing. Our Billing & Payments team is reachable on


+91 808080 1112




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